Weekend Snapshots 28


My colleague has been on leave for a couple months. We decorated his office in preparation for his return…


That moment when you discover that your brother has posted this super flattering picture of you on Instagram:

We signed a contract on a new, (actually very old) house. We’ll be moving in early September, which is why I probably won’t be around very much for the next month or so. It’s going to be crazy busy around here!

My best friend came for a visit. No pictures, because we spent the whole time drinking tea and catching up.

I did manage to dig up this photo though – this is us in the beautiful, enchanted Riverside Drive apartment we lived in when we first became roommates in graduate school. It’s where we first began our late-into-the-wee-hours-chats-over-tea:

So many good things began there!


We went to MarieBette for lunch, and had to try the new and improved brioche feuilletée (“bronut”), now available with a delicious crème diplomate filling…

Checked out the ever-changing IX Art Park…

Strange things afoot in this artists’ studio:


Met up for dinner to celebrate this baby’s:

…10th Birthday!

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