Bumpass 5-0

It finally stopped raining in Bumpass!

My sister filmed a couple more entries for Sundance.

Watch this one to the end. A star is born. Agents can contact me to book my husband.

Might as well just cut to the chase and hand over those Oscars now! : )


It was going to be hard to top a glorious week in Cape May, but by God we would try.

In Bumpass.

We are now in Bumpass, vacationing at Lake Anna…a manmade reservoir built to cool the reactors at the North Anna Nuclear Generating Station.

During the weekend we had at home between Cape May and Bumpass, we compulsively checked the weather forecast every half hour, hoping it would magically improve:

It hasn’t.

Never mind. We come from hardy stock. We would not be deterred by lousy weather.

On our first day in Bumpass, my sister and I decided to take a canoe out on the lake.

As we paddled along, we suddenly caught sight of our parents barrelling down the grassy slope.img_58932

Once, many years ago, my father rescued a drowning woman from raging waters. The incident is memorialized in the opening scenes of Tiger Pelt, my sister Annabelle Kim’s novel. My dad sprung into action again…

Stay tuned for more action and adventure in…Bumpass.

Postcards from Cape May, Part 3

Beloved family.IMG_5004


Trolley tour of Cape May


The Four Musketeers


We weren’t sure why the little ones were laughing so hard…



Whale watching tour. Lots of dolphins spotted, but no whales. : (


Goodbye, Cape May! Goodbye, cute little Watermelon House, where my brother and his crew stayed, just down the street from our own beach house.


IMG_5854 3


Matching shirts!



Happy 83rd birthday, Dad!

Catching Up

We’ve been…IMG_4637

…enjoying downtime before heading off to new adventures.

Rooting for our teams in the World Cup. Korea knocked out Germany! (Sorry, German friends). Belgium is still in! And England, oh England! (We’re watching the game right now).


Eating peach ice cream at Chiles Peach Orchard…


And tending to our garden.