Quiz Time! The Kids vs. The Adults Version

The kids began the quiz by lobbing us this softball:

1. What’s the difference between an ionic and a covalent bond?

We are graduates of some of the finest institutions of higher education in the world, yet none of us could come up with an answer for this one.

Answer: A covalent bond consists of pairs of electrons shared by two atoms, while an ionic bond consists of pairs of oppositely charged electrons.

The English Literature, Russian Literature, and Political Theory majors called foul, “No fair! Annabelle (our MIT-trained engineer sister) isn’t here!

“But that’s a question your average 7th grader would be able to answer,” those mean, mean kids countered.

We demanded questions with real-life applications. Here’s what they came up with:

2. Name the #1 subscribed to channel on YouTube.

The expression on our faces as we fruitlessly pondered the question…

Answer: PewDiePie

The expression on our faces when we learned the correct answer:

3. When on Instagram, what’s the maximum number of photos one should post in one day?

Answer: One. Anything beyond that is self-indulgent. Thus Spake the Fifteen-Year-Old, so it must be true.

4. Describe how to delete an application on your preferred OS.

Answer: I can’t actually remember the real answer now, but it sounded like how adults talk in those old Charlie Brown specials, “Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.”

5. On Facebook, which status would your friends most likely care about?

a) A self-righteous rant about society

b) An Ed Sheeran song lyric

c) A Richard Dawkins quote

d) Passive agressive note about someone on one’s friends list

e) None of the above. 

6. Which password is most effective?

a) 12345

b) paqdA937

c) paqdA93

d) i6I-496BaxYqwcTx9

We all guessed d), but my son informed us that the correct answer would be c), because it’s hard for people to memorize more than 7 digits/characters.

8. Name one YouTube personality.

The kids were confident that we wouldn’t be able to come up with one. Embarrassingly, my sister and I immediately rattled off the names Michelle Phan and pixiwoo. My husband ventured, “Mozart?”

The kids were almost right.

8. How large is a full-grown panda?

Guess who came up with that question?

a) 6′

b) 5.5′

c) 5′

9. What is a 404 error?

Answer: When the file you are trying to access when surfing the web is unavailable.

10. Which internet community is responsible for hacking Club Penguin?

a) Twitter

b) 4chan

c) Reddit

11. What is ulzzang?

Answer: Korean for “best face.” This is the phenomenon in which people (usually young Korean women) use photoshop, editing tools, apps like Candy Camera, and a lot of makeup to make themselves look cutesy and anime-like to present themselves on social media.

12. Which program would you use to open a file that ends in .ogg?

a) iTunes

b) Microsoft Word

c) Microsoft Powerpoint

d) Photoshop

Let’s just say it was not the adults’ finest hour.

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