Weekend Snapshots 64

On Friday my daughter and I traveled south to Virginia Beach for a soccer tournament. My husband traveled north to pick up our college boy at the train station for his first trip back home since starting school. Boy #2 had a jam-packed weekend of activities that kept him at home in Charlottesville.This girl was thrilled that her very first and most beloved soccer coach got to see her play one and a half games on the first day of her tournament before driving back home to Charlottesville with his dad. Their mama was pretty darn happy too.img_6641-1


Tournament Champs!

This morning the younger siblings had to say goodbye to their big brother before leaving for school. As we made our way back to Union Station in D.C., I tried to convince my son that it would be a fabulous idea to stop off at the barber’s and the pharmacy for a flu shot. Guess which one he agreed to?

With arms still a bit sore from our flu shots, we stopped off at Grandma and Grandpa’s for lunch before heading to Union Station. They managed to extract a promise from the boy to get his hair cut by the end of October.

“Mom, Dad, I think you’re shrinking!”

In the midst of a very dark time, it was a balm for the soul to see my happy, thriving, shaggy-haired college boy.