Weekend Snapshots 44


I took the day off work so that I could spend it with my kids who had the day off from school. After a long and arduous quarter, and a week that felt like a hurricane on the heels of a tornado followed by an avalanche…it felt soooooooooo good to have a day of rest.

I took the kids to lunch at The Bebedero, a newish Mexican restaurant in Charlottesville…



The friendly bartender explained that the service can be slow sometimes…


So tired, but so happy.


“Where’s the food?”


Mmmmmm…delicious nachos.


Camarones Ensalada Frio

We strolled along the Downtown Mall…



“So that‘s how they change those letters!”

We had dessert at The Flat Takeaway Crêperie:


We can highly recommend the Chocolate Chip Cookie Crêpe!

That evening my friend and I returned to the Downtown Mall to take our daughters to the Paramount to see their beloved violin teacher perform with the Waynesboro Symphony Orchestra:



We spent the morning getting ready for my son’s Halloween party…

img_7232The day was punctuated by soccer games…My husband took our oldest son to his game in Lynchburg; I took our daughter to her game at Booster Park in Orange County. The park also happens to be adjacent to an airport and a skydiving outfit. I tried to pay attention to the game, but every thirty minutes people would fall out of the sky:



Oh sure, that’s not at all distracting!

We rushed home to finish getting ready for the party:



Ghosts in the Graveyard – a nostalgic favorite!


Apple cider with a vanilla flavored bone and a gummy eyeball.

After dinner the kids took their flashlights and went outside to hunt for Halloween candy and to have an epic game of flashlight tag. They came in sweaty and red-faced and ready to watch their scary movie…


Popcorn and candy corn fingernails.


Vampire blood: Hawaiian Punch, cranberry ginger ale, grenadine, and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Oh, and the blood of a vampire, obviously – (Preferably O positive for the best results).


Thank you, Pinterest!


Church! Choir! And Marie-Bette Café & Bakery in between!


Trying to behave like this, when…


…you really feel like this.


Ebony and Ivory


I’m shriiiiiiiiiiiinking!


Happy Halloween!

Weekend Snapshots 36


For some reason I hadn’t realized I didn’t have to work on Friday. When I was reminded of the fact that it was UVA’s “Spring Break Day,” it was like a gift that fell out of the sky and right into my lap.

My friend and I met for breakfast at Bluegrass Grill & Bakery. Afterward, we popped into Paradox Pastry right next door. I stashed a pain au chocolat  in my purse, and had it later for an extra-decadent lunch for my extra-bonus day.


I went to all my favorite spots on the Downtown Mall.

Roxie Daisy:

IMG_5075 …always has beautiful, and unusual things. Sometimes I have no idea what these things are, but don’t they look like they would enhance the quality of one’s life somehow?

Caspari is always beautifully styled too:

IMG_5080…but the real reason I go there is to admire the zebra finches. I love that their cage is always lined with pretty wrapping paper:

IMG_5081One couldn’t really consider a pain au chocolat a proper lunch. So I made a pit stop at Timberlake’s Drug Store for a vanilla milkshake to round it off! IMG_5085 O’Suzannah is another favorite:

IMG_5082 (1)

I can’t sew a stitch, but for some reason, I love to wander through the color coded rooms at the Second Yard, a fabric store in a creaky old house on Market Street. You can buy furniture and home decor there too:

I still had time before it was time to pick up my daughter from school, so I stopped off at Ivy Nursery. It’s always a pleasure to see the gorgeous displays there:

IMG_5097In the greenhouse there are always friendly women chatting with each other in Spanish as they create lovely arrangements:

IMG_5104Even the pot display is pretty:

IMG_5098I got some plants to fill out the urns we finally transported from our old house to our new house a couple weekends ago:

And a few more, just because I was helpless to resist their charms:

The boys couldn’t stop picking at the pot full of lettuces I brought home. They popped the leaves straight into their mouths!

IMG_5111We capped off the day with our new favorite evening pastime – a game of badminton, using our fence as a net:


I love the pace of the game – the shuttlecock travels so slowly, I could take photos and return the volley!



My son has been doing rocketry after school. On Saturday we drove a couple of hours to Great Meadow Park in Fauquier County, Virginia to watch his team test the rockets they’ve been working on for months:

IMG_5138 (1)IMG_8298IMG_8275IMG_8308IMG_8329IMG_8316All three flights were clean and the payload of two (raw)! eggs remained undamaged!

That night my daughter followed an online play by play of the UVA/UNC game. I had no interest in the game. My entertainment was watching her reactions:

IMG_8343IMG_8344IMG_8353Yup. Our guys lost.


The next morning my very tall ten-year-old daughter wore my dress to church. We can wear the same clothes, but I’m still a little bit taller than her…when she’s not standing on her tippy toes! IMG_5144




Shopping in C’ville

I recently got to spend a delightful Saturday with my best friend Janel, who came for a short visit. We spent a leisurely day wandering around the Downtown Mall, which has some of the best shopping anywhere.

Our first stop was the bustling farmer’s market on Water Street , where you can find everything from bee pollen to cut flowers.

The Downtown Mall is dotted with boutiques that have beautifully curated collections. Here are four of our favorites:

At Roxie Daisy on Water Street there are elegant displays in predominantly neutral tones:

We especially loved their collection of cards:

O’Suzannah on 4th Street is organized like a box of watercolors with its monochromatic-themed displays that make you want to linger for hours. This, for example, is the blue section:

The charm of the displays at Caspari on West Main is the gorgeous mix of rich hues:

A stop at ChaCha’s, headquarters for kitsch and neon on East Main, is obligatory.

Someone bought the Barbie chandelier shortly after we popped into the store:

On the way back home we capped off our expedition with a stop at the brand new Pearl Bakery on Main Street:

How to summarize the day?