Shopping in C’ville

I recently got to spend a delightful Saturday with my best friend Janel, who came for a short visit. We spent a leisurely day wandering around the Downtown Mall, which has some of the best shopping anywhere.

Our first stop was the bustling farmer’s market on Water Street , where you can find everything from bee pollen to cut flowers.

The Downtown Mall is dotted with boutiques that have beautifully curated collections. Here are four of our favorites:

At Roxie Daisy on Water Street there are elegant displays in predominantly neutral tones:

We especially loved their collection of cards:

O’Suzannah on 4th Street is organized like a box of watercolors with its monochromatic-themed displays that make you want to linger for hours. This, for example, is the blue section:

The charm of the displays at Caspari on West Main is the gorgeous mix of rich hues:

A stop at ChaCha’s, headquarters for kitsch and neon on East Main, is obligatory.

Someone bought the Barbie chandelier shortly after we popped into the store:

On the way back home we capped off our expedition with a stop at the brand new Pearl Bakery on Main Street:

How to summarize the day?

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