Quiz Time! The Restaurant Etiquette Version

My sister and I decided to do a Restaurant Etiquette Edition of Quiz Time, a game we like to play with the kids from time to time…

Round 1: We presented the kids with an assortment of cutlery and asked them to set the table for a meal that would include soup, salad, steak, and dessert.

Round 2: Where should one tuck one’s napkin?

A) Here?

B) On one’s lap?

Round 3: Bread and butter arrives at the table. Should one

A) Spread the whole piece of bread before eating?

B) Break off a piece, butter, eat, repeat?

Round 4: The soup course. When finishing up a bowl of soup, should one tilt the bowl

A) Away from oneself?

B) Towards oneself?

Round 5: When leaving the table to go to the bathroom during the meal, should the napkin be left

A) On the chair

B) On the table?

Round 6: The salad course. Should one

A) Cut up the entire salad before eating

B) Eat one piece at a time?

Round 7: The meat course. Should one

A) Cut a piece of meat with the fork and knife and bring the fork straight to the mouth?

B) Cut a piece of meat with the fork, switch hands, turning fork tines up to eat?

Round 8: The cell phone rings. Should one

A) Ignore the call

B) Pick up and politely say, “I’m having dinner right now, I’ll call you back later!”

Round 9: The bill arrives. We presented each contestant with a restaurant bill of $100 and had them calculate a tip for good service.

Round 10: What should be done with silverware when done with dinner?

A) Put side by side at an angle at the top of the plate?

B) Cross over the plate.

Round 11: Where should one leave the napkin at the end of the meal?

A) On the seat

B) On the table


Round 1: After a demonstration

…the kids were able to do it properly:

Round 2: B

Round 3: B

Round 4: A, but perhaps not with this unpleasant expression on one’s face:

Round 5: A

Round 6: B

Round 7: A trick question if ever there was one. The kids have seen their English father do A, and their mother and every other American do B. A & B for the win!

Round 8: A, for heaven’s sake. A! Better still, silence the ringer before sitting down for dinner.

Round 9: We’d prefer to go out to dinner with the 20% tipper.

Round 10: A

Round 11: B this time!

Tomorrow – the Quiz Time the kids made up for US.

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