Once in a lifetime

When I got to work this morning, my colleagues and I decided that we would get together to somehow celebrate the remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime occasion of it being 12/12/12 at exactly 12:12.

The next thing I knew it was some really mundane time like 1:34. We’d missed the opportunity to notice, really notice this unrepeatable moment in time!

I was disappointed and mad at myself for forgetting to take note of the time, but when I thought about it, 12:12, 12/12/12 is really no more or less remarkable than this moment:


Or this moment:


Our lives are made up of unrepeatable moments in time, which is why I’m so obsessed with recording them in pictures. Sometimes you capture moments like these:

Or like these:

And this is why I feel compelled to torture my children with endless photo sessions:

IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725

Please don’t call social services on me. I’m capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments!

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