It’s finally happened…

Shortly before our wedding, Colin went with me to the mall to buy shoes to wear with my dress. At 6’4″ he’s a good foot taller than me, so we were on a mission to find shoes with the highest heels possible to reduce the likelihood that our wedding would look like some kind of illicit child bride sort of situation.

We found a pair of high heels and were feeling pretty good about it as we stood side by side in the mirror, judging the effect. Another shopper casually glanced over at us and chuckled as she walked by. She shook her head and said, “Honey, you’re gonna need stilts!


Three years later we had Nicholas:

Baby Nicholas

Recently 12 year old Nicholas has started eating absolutely shocking amounts of food. He can’t shovel it in fast enough and is constantly hungry. I swear I can see him grow if I stare at him long enough. I keep telling him to cut it out, or at least to slow down his inconsiderately rapid growth, because for one thing: it’s impossible to keep the boy in pants. He outgrew all the size 14 pants I bought him for school this fall. Today he’s wearing size 16 pants. Who knows what he’ll be wearing tomorrow?

Last month Nicholas and I began measuring ourselves back to back. Every time we checked, I still had just a few millimeters on him…

Look what happened today:


It’s official: I’m no longer the second tallest person in my family!

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