The National Zoo

We went to the zoo so my panda-obsessed daughter could get her fix…Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a single panda.

“The pandas are jerks,” a friend later informed me, “They never come out.”

Too important to consort with the hoi polloi, we concluded.

Oh well…We did get to see some pretty cute animals, like:

a cartoonish sand cat,

a Golden Tamarin monkey, (“We need to get one as a pet!!“)

a Fennec fox,

a couple of otters,

and a prairie dog.

The highlight of the trip may have been in Amazonia, where we got up close and personal with a couple of Roseate Spoonbills:

It wasn’t all fuzzy, cute, pink animals. We saw some scary ones too, like this tiger:

…who was a pussy cat compared to the Triceratops!

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