I got a message from this sweet friend today. She graduated last year and has launched into LIFE. We’ve tried to keep in touch, but I have missed talking to her in person every week and seeing her radiant smile. It had been awhile since we last corresponded, so in response to her message asking about my life, I gave her a brief, written snapshot of what’s been going on with me lately, and thought I’d share it here with some actual photos…

Hi there!

It’s always so lovely to hear from you!

All’s pretty good on my end…Happy to be in our new house,

especially now that the holes in the walls and ceilings are being patched and painted!

Biting my nails in anxiety, because our old house hasn’t sold yet…

Reliving the angst of high school through my 10th grader, who is overloaded with So. Much. Homework and over whose hunched figure I have to stand with a whip in one hand a red hot poker in the other until much too late every single night!

Sad that the kids are growing much too fast.

Glad to hold on a bit longer by decorating for Halloween and throwing a party for my 8th grader, who is now too old for trick-or-treating.

Too tired to do the stuff I really want and need to do – take care of the garden,

finish unpacking,

hang pictures,


Cool plans? Well, the biggest thing on the horizon is Thanksgiving. I’m going to host my entire family (18 people in all), which is both terrifying and terribly exciting!

Happy and grateful for every single day, even when there are no cool plans to fill them. Missing you…


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