Texting with the Harpies…

The internet can be so alluring and yet so utterly revolting all at the same time. Not too long ago I was obsessed with watching nesting eagles on a livecam. The first time I watched, I saw the mama eagle feeding a headless-yet-still-flopping fish to her fuzzy little eaglets. It was shocking and gruesome, yet I couldn’t stop myself from constantly checking in to see how the eaglets were getting on. A couple days later I got a message from the friend who turned me on to the livecam in the first place. She was traumatized by what she had just witnessed on the livecam and was writing to both process the horror and to warn me not to check in on the nest for a while. She told me that she had just seen a “fluffy black cat” being served up to the eaglets for dinner. I never tuned in again.

Another friend recently posted this CBS News story entitled, “Scientists create toe, belly button cheese from human bacteria.” I mean, come on, who’s not going to click on that?! I gagged as I read through the article and then immediately bestirred myself to share this important news with the three people in the world I knew would appreciate it the most: my Wheat Belly Sisters and our Crossfit/Paleo-Brother.

Another beautiful moment brought to you by the Interwebs…

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