Fly-by Post

Thanks to my friend, Anne, who posted this link on Facebook, I have now become a completely useless and unproductive member of society.

A livecam is set up 24/7, which gives you a front-row seat to all the adventures happening in an eagle aerie, somewhere in Codorus State Park in Pennsylvania. Two little eaglets hatched from their eggs just a few days ago and their parents are lovingly tending to them.

The first time I tuned in, I saw a bloody and headless-yet-still-flopping-fish in one corner of the nest. The mama eagle sat on top of her charges, impassively watching their next meal’s wild gyrations from the center of the nest. When I tuned in today around lunch time I got to actually see the two gangly, ridiculous-looking little eaglets roughhousing with each other like a couple of toddlers. The mama sauntered over to the edge of the nest, picked at that now-unmistakably-dead-fish and tried to feed her charges. They took a few bites but were far more interested in wrestling with each other. She finally gave up trying to feed them, sat on them, and rocked them back to sleep. I’m not exaggerating, she ROCKED her little eaglets back to sleep, or submission, or at least stillness. Her partner made a cameo appearance too. He showed up for a few minutes, ate some fish, and flew off.

This is the most compelling reality tv I’ve ever seen!

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