Everyone needs a Best Friend For Life…even hermit crabs.

After the grisly murders that took place in our “Crabitat,” the last thing I wanted in my life was another hermit crab. But no sooner had we buried the second victim than my son began his campaign for a friend for my namesake: Adrienne, the hermit crab murderess.

“Are you kidding me?!” I asked him, “Have we learned nothing from the events of the past few weeks? Do we really want to send another hermit crab to its certain death?”

Yes. Yes, we did.

Apparently, hermit crabs are sociable creatures. They live in huge colonies.

“They can die of loneliness, Mom,” my son informed me with big, sorrowful eyes. He looked kind of like this:

I ask you: How could I possibly say no?

We went to four different pet stores, looking for a hermit crab big enough to fight off the murderess if it came to it. The largest one we could find was only about half the size of Adrienne.

With great trepidation we put the little crab into the tank. We compulsively checked on the two crabs every few minutes, ready to break up a fight if we needed to. The crabs avoided each other for a few tense days.

We finally relaxed when we saw them perched side by side on the little stick in their tank:


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