Christmas in July

No joke – my family has been busily preparing for Christmas since July. We’ve already decided who’s hosting. This wasn’t so much a decision as a confirmation, since we always descend upon the only sibling with a house big enough to contain our supersized family. We’ve already discussed the number and type of presents each child should receive. Most importantly, we’ve reminded everyone of their duties with regard to keeping our family’s most cherished Christmas traditions alive. My sister sent my brother a note saying how thrilled she was that he was going to be able to come with his entire family this year, which now includes Dandelion’s adorable baby sister. She sent him this photo as a reminder of the last time we saw him at Christmas:

My second sister said she thought Dandelion should be added to the Noogie List this year too.

“And you can’t leave out the baby – she gets a baby boogie!” I added in my own contribution to the Christmas email thread.

In response, my brother emailed us a photo of his own with this message: “Show this to the kids so they won’t forget…”:

I’m already feeling the love…

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