I am convinced that a human being is at his or her most powerful between birth and 5 years of age.

My little 2 year old nephew Daniel, a.k.a. Dandelion, is a perfect case in point. We were thrilled to be granted an audience with him this past Saturday.

Whenever we see him, we all fling ourselves upon him like a bunch of shameless groupies. We can’t help ourselves. Usually, he looks right through us as if we were panes of glass. This time he was feeling particularly generous. He liberally bestowed his favors upon us.

My mother was delighted to be granted the privilege of holding the pieces of his invention.

He electrified us with the latest dance moves:

He graciously posed for pictures with his fans:

And me? Dandelion came up to me and lifted his arms in the air and said, “Pick you up?” which translates to: “Pick me up!” I practically swooned. I scooped him up and tried to play it cool…as if it were an everyday occurrence that a superstar would ask me, me for a lift, but I couldn’t resist turning my head to gloat at my sister, mother, and Dandelion’s mom. “OH. MY. GOD!!!!” I mouthed gleefully.

Dandelion commanded me to take him to the basement.

My daughter ran ahead to herald his arrival…”Daniel, the rock star is coming through!” she chirped.

My kids and Dandelion started to play on the bed. First Dandelion would roll over to my son. No sooner would he begin to bask in the glow of little Dandelion’s attentions, then he would abruptly abandon him to shine his light on my daughter. Back and forth he went in this fashion, toying with his minions, who were only too grateful for his largess.

My son was ready to trade his sister in for Dandelion. “I wish T were still this age,” he said wistfully:

and, “Look how tiny his hands are!”

And then it was time for one last photo op:

The dream was over. It was time to say goodbye until next time.

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6 thoughts on “Dandelion

      • Oh so sorry for the delayed reply! She is doing very well – talking like crazy and always busy. 3 1/2 is a trip. I hope she can meet your whole family – I bet our girls would especially hit it off. I love your blog so much. Your sense of humor is fantastic, and so is your writing. I hope we can reconnect soon in person. Please come to the Twin Cities anytime (esp when it’s not a frozen tundra).

      • Hi Erin!

        I would love to have a twin cities reunion and to meet your little girl! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

        We are en route to dinner…Colin had to saw a huge tree into bits to clear the road so we could get out of our neighborhood after our 12″ of snow. We’ve been w/out power since some time last night. Blech!!!

        Hugs, Adrienne

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