Weekend Snapshots 11

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Arlington with my extended family. The kids were delighted to see their New Jersey cousins.


At Korshi Restaurant: “Party of 14?! You made a reservation? No reservation?! 14?

Hours of fun (?) at Brookstone in Pentagon City Mall

Still having fun…

We took the shuttle from Pentagon City Mall to Long Bridge Park to watch the DC fireworks from across the river:


Yechon for dinner and Breeze Cafe for dessert (and the penalty shoot-out for the Holland vs. Costa Rica game):

My husband’s greatest triumph to date…separating four of my sister’s necklaces that had twisted themselves into a Gordion Knot.


I think my favorite memory of this weekend will be sitting in my parents’ living room with my fourteen year old son, as he played them the electronic dance music he’s been producing. You have to understand, the only secular music I can ever remember being played in our household when I was a child was an old John Denver LP. Whenever my siblings and I ventured to play music of our own choosing, a pained expression would pass across my parents’ faces. Within minutes they’d ask us in no uncertain terms to turn it off. On Sunday afternoon, my elderly parents listened to the thumping, throbbing Electro house, progressive house, Melbourne Bounce, and Happy hardcore tracks my son played for them with thoughtful expressions on their faces. Every now and then, they would bob their heads appreciatively and say, “I like that part.” “You did that yourself?” “Very good, very good.” As my sister put it, “Now that’s true love.”

Want to listen?


Home again, home again, jiggity jig:

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