Pittsburgh, Day 1

I was looking forward to a week of lazing about on the beach for our family vacation. At the last minute, my husband decided to change the plan. We cancelled our reservations at the beach and made new ones – in Pittsburgh.

I’ll admit I was pretty crabby about this turn of events. As we walked the streets of Pittsburgh, I collected photos just so that I could write up a snarky blog post about it along these lines…

So New York City has the Guggenheim? Well, Pittsburgh has this:

Parking garage

Parking garage

The Eiffel Tower in Paris? Big deal! Pittsburgh has this:

Radio tower?

Radio tower.

Rome’s Ponte Milvio covered in love padlocks? Yawn! Pittsburgh has this:

We spent a couple of days wandering around the city, and while it will never be one of my favorite spots in the world, I have to admit we did do some interesting things…

On our first day in Pittsburgh, we checked out a couple of the numerous inclines:

At the top, you get a commanding view of the city:

Heading back down:

We walked over to Point State Park to cool off by the fountain:


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