Wheat Belly Weekend, Pt. 2


Every good Wheat Belly Breakfast should start with one of these:

Chocolate Croissant. Mmmmmmmm...

Chocolate Croissant. Mmmmmmmm…

We spent Saturday shopping in Soho, home to one of my favorite stores: Pearl River.

For lunch we went to L’Ecole, where the prix fixe menus are prepared by student chefs at the International Culinary Center. Bobby Flay and David Chang of Momofuku fame got their start here!

Next on our agenda: ABC Carpet and Home at 888 & 881 Broadway at East 19th Street. Six floors of fabulousness.

Wheat Belly Weekend flew by like a dream…The next morning it was already time to go home.


My sister and I drove on to Arlington, making it just in time to take our mom and dad out for Father’s Day at their preferred dining hour of 4:30 pm!


A rare smile from the man we have affectionately dubbed: The Easter Island Head.

Finally, it was back to Charlottesville and this cozy bunch:

I love you, fellow Wheat Belly Sisters. And I love you, Teddy, for caring about your sisters enough to send us Wheat Belly, even though it hurt our feelings and made us feel rather grouchy. We forgive you, because you gave us the gift of Wheat Belly Weekend.

I’m already looking forward to next year!

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