Weekend Snapshots 7

Just a few photos from the weekend…


The referee didn’t show up for my daughter’s soccer game…

…so her brother got to do the job!

After the game, my girl celebrated her team’s win and tried to help the ref cool off at the same time:

We drove on to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick some apples and to admire some of the very best views of Charlottesville.

We caught this beautiful sunset after dinner:


We woke up at the crack of dawn and then drove for more than two hours, literally through Wilderness, to get to my son’s soccer game. I was bursting with pride, because I managed to get lost for only fifteen minutes! Sure, I got the boys there fifteen minutes after they were supposed to arrive, but they weren’t the last to arrive. I call that: a WIN!


The boys played their hardest in brutal 90 degree weather, but fell to their opponents in the end.

You win some, you lose some!

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