This is what happens when your kid cannot figure out what he wants to be for Halloween. A very frazzled mommy has to come up with something in the fifteen minutes between getting home from work and leaving for trick-or-treating. Let me tell you, it’s not pretty…and I’m not talking about that crazy ‘do my husband was sporting, although I did keep having to quickly avert my gaze every time my eyes inadvertently lit upon him.



I followed my son around with an extra roll of toilet paper & tape. My pockets were bulging with the bits of t.p he kept shedding with every step he took…

And after:

He hit four or five houses and was D.O.N.E., and frankly: so was I.

He’s going to have a detailed costume proposal with specs, sketches, statistical data, and a breakdown of costs for Halloween 2013 on my desk by the end of next week.

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