The Palace, the Countess, Seaweed, etc.

This past weekend we stayed at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco:


There is always a lush arrangement of roses in the center of the lobby:


It’s famous for its Garden Court:


…where we had breakfast every morning:


The hotel is also famous for this Maxfield Parrish painting “The Pied Piper,” which hangs above the bar in its more casual restaurant:


We thought the Palace suited the Countess perfectly:


She did too:


We had lunch before the wedding at Fisherman’s Wharf.


Our restaurant overlooked this:Image


The Countess ordered crab:


It was fairly large.

Kind of like this one:

We took a walk around the pier:

We saw the famous sea lions of Pier 39:

And finally, in keeping with the ocean theme, I give you…….seaweed:

How can you not love a city where the 7-11 has roasted seaweed snacks right by the cash register?

Tomorrow: pictures of the wedding.

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