For the past four years or so, we’ve been making holiday videos in lieu of sending Christmas cards. This year, I had serious doubts that it was going to happen, but here it is after all…Our rather rough-around-the-edges Holiday video for 2014, featuring every single member of the family playing an instrument, pretending to be an instrument, beatboxing, whistling, singing, etc. etc.:


Happy New Year!

Danny’s All Star Joint

My daughter and I have been hard at work on our Christmas 2013 video, which I will hopefully be able to post on Monday. Meanwhile, here’s a recording we made about five years ago, when my girl was three or four. I’ve added some photos and video to our very rough-around-the-edges Garage Band recording. Towards the end we both start cracking up. She gets fed up with my giggling and starts hiccuping to boot. I remember thinking at the time that we would eventually tackle it again and do a better recording. We never got around to it. Now, when I listen to this, the imperfections are exactly what I like best about it. It’s a pretty good reflection of our life – kind of a mess, really, but full of love and laughter.

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Just this…

I was trawling around my computer the other day and rediscovered some video clips and recordings that had been made years ago. I’ve been obsessively watching and listening to these, including this clip of my daughter when she was 3:

I’m so grateful for the gifts of photography, video, and recordings, which restore to me these precious, extra/ordinary moments in time that would otherwise be lost forever.