Even More Madison…

On Sunday our friends took us to University of Wisconsin’s Memorial Union. We lured the kids there with the promise of ice cream, but warned them in advance that there would be a photo session!

The boys worked off some excess energy with a little Parkour:

The Googleyezer got down to business:


We found the perfect spot for photos!

The flashbulbs were firing!

I loved how these ones turned out:

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More Madison

Our tour of Madison continued on past the Wisconsin State Capitol:

…where a philosopher had set up his “Socrates Café” out front.

We caught the very last day of the farmer’s market, where I admired the rather stunning cabbage bouquets:

and got to taste fresh “Squeak-a-licious” cheese curds for the first time. (Mmmmmmm)!

We had lunch at Tutto Pasta, where I caught up with a friend from China, who has just began her studies at the University of Wisconsin:

We visited some of the many great stores along State Street. We lingered at Ragstock:

No joke. This photo shows only a small portion of their vast collection of ugly Christmas sweaters:That evening I got to see my youngest cousin, who just relocated to Madison. We reminisced about old times, got caught up on family matters, and…well:

Gabrielle d’Entrées et une de ses soeurs, c. 1594 by unknown artist. Louvre

…we engaged in some art appreciation. Yep, that’s what it was: Art Appreciation. Because we’re super classy that way. (It must be genetic)!

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