Old Spice

Trying too hard?

Not trying hard enough?

I’m not quite sure why anybody would voluntarily choose to douse themselves in Eau de Your Grandmother’s Ancient Spice Rack, but both my dad and husband like Old Spice. At least when my dad used it, it came in an understated, milky white glass bottle adorned only with a classy clipper ship. Now the packaging is just plain embarrassing.

It’s possible that you may be thinking that it’s unkind of me to reveal my husband’s old geezer product preferences…I’m just getting him back for the time we were in the grocery store cereal aisle and he practically shouted, “Oh, here’s the All Bran. That will clear your problem right up!” Or more recently when I finally made my way to the beach after discreetly excusing myself to the rest of my family by saying that I wasn’t feeling well and he greeted me by bellowing across the sandy shore, “Oh, great! The Imodium worked!”

Happy, happy weekend!

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