Praying Mantis

She is a predator. She stalks her prey with stealth and ruthless cunning. Once she has set her sights on her victim, (often smaller members of her own species), resistance is futile. She will bite the head off a victim who struggles, even that of her own mate.

So unrelenting is she, that she can even get a praying mantis to crack a smile:


“She always captures her prey!”

And speaking of praying mantises, check out this little one in training:

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


I remember as a child idly gazing out the car window at an intersection as we waited for the light to change. Suddenly, I had the startling revelation that the cars flanking ours were not merely a part of the passing landscape, but vessels containing people who were in the midst of a life as vivid and complex and important to them as my own was to me. Even more astonishing to me was the thought that to them, I was as inconsequential as they had been to me only moments before.

I’ve been reliving that experience with my new macro lens. A whole kingdom of living beings that are normally insignificant, and even invisible to me have suddenly become the focus of my attention. Through my macro lens I experience the shock of seeing miniature life and death dramas playing out as if on a big screen. I see eyeballs staring up at me, hairy legs, luxurious bumblebee fur, delicate antennae…The macro lens bridges our separate worlds, making it so that the insects and I are fellow travelers at an intersection, waiting for the light to change.

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