Quarantine Hymn 2: How Great Thou Art

We’ve been learning my parents’ favorite old hymns, and making recordings for them…My mom ruined this particular song for me for all of eternity by saying she wanted us to sing it at her funeral. Thanks, Mom.


2 thoughts on “Quarantine Hymn 2: How Great Thou Art

  1. This is Jason’s favorite hymn! Shockingly, it’s not in the Episcopalian hymnal of my youth, so I didn’t know the song until I heard a recording Carrie Underwood let loose on it several years ago at the Grand Ole Opry (perhaps she can step in at your mother’s distant funeral, spelling you some relief?)

    Who are your co-singers? You sound beautiful, and hearing the song helped soothe my soul on a difficult day. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

    • Really?!?! Was/is Jason Baptist by any chance? Colin’s the bass, the boys are the tenors, T is the alto. I’m doing my best to sing the melody, though as N has rightly noted , “We have no true sopranos in this family.” Thank you, Liza! You are always so kind and generous in your comments!

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