Universal Snow Day

The kids knew since Tuesday afternoon that they would have a snow day on Wednesday. For me it wasn’t so clear. I checked the university website early yesterday morning to see that they had announced that “non-designated ” employees did not have to report to work.

The announcement raised some burning existential questions in those early morning hours…Who am I? What am I? Oh, dear God, please let me be “non-designated”!


PJs on a Snow Day for this Non-designated employee!

My prayers were answered!

The two younger kids got bundled up to play in the snow. Their older brother remained seated in the living room, tapping away at his laptop with an air of serious concentration.

He had always been the first kid to rush outdoors in any kind of weather. IMG_6133snowdayNow, he’s at the tail end of his senior year and is weighing his college options… IMG_5885Lately he’s been enlightening us with impromptu dinner time lectures on everything from the immortal science of Marx to intersectionality…

Aren’t you going to go out to play with your siblings in the snow?!

It’s too cold out there!!!

Believe me, I can totally relate…but are you sure?

Yeah! I don’t want to freeze!

Hmmm…I replied sadly…I feel like you’ve crossed some kind of Rubicon. It’s kind of bumming me out a little to be honest.

I’m still doing childish things! He said as he continued to type away at this laptop. I’m playing a video game! Just indoors!

OK, kid.


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