We are here.

We are staying in a flat in the Budenberg Haus Projekte, an award-winning building designed by Foster + Partners and developed by a group which reclaims and renovates derelict buildings and sites. The complex looks like an ocean liner rising up alongside a canal at the site of the old Budenberg Gauge Factory.

IMG_4062There is a courtyard with wavy grass that I imagine was designed to look like rippling waves…

IMG_4066I love the look, but I feel really sorry for the poor person who has to mow.

The old factory (the one with the clock) between the two new wings has been incorporated into the new complex.

IMG_4075IMG_4057IMG_4059IMG_4067It’s weirdly designed so that when you enter, there is just a small landing that leads down a steep set of stairs to the rest of the flat.


The ceiling is curved, which adds to the feeling of being in a ship…

IMG_4073 2IMG_4071


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