Ghost Tour

My friend Victoria does a wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful ghost tour of Old Town, Alexandria. I’ve been meaning to go on one of her tours for years, and I finally got the chance to do it last weekend with my family.

We met Victoria at 8 pm in front of Market Square.


After the introductions were made, we began our tour of Old Town with stops along the way at points of interest to hear ghost stories about the people who had lived (and died) there.


I think it’s worth noting that Victoria and I became friends in 10th grade, when we were in plays together. I think it was being “Pickalittle Ladies” in Music Man that cemented our friendship. She is a true thespian, who tells her stories with dramatic flair. IMG_3906IMG_3908IMG_3911

Carlyle House, built in 1753 by the city’s founder, became a hospital during the Civil War.IMG_3914IMG_3919IMG_3925IMG_3926

Gadsby’s Tavern, where George Washington liked to take the occasional pint. IMG_3941IMG_3945IMG_3954

Victoria told her (and my) favorite story at the former site of a restaurant located across from City Hall, which used to also house the jail. She recounted the gripping story of a jailbreak and of Dominic, an enslaved person who caught the escapee and won his own freedom, all with his delicious oyster stew. Confused? Well, you’ll just have to book your own ghost tour to hear the rest of the tale…


Make sure you ask for Victoria…she’s the best!IMG_0606IMG_0607

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