Happy reunions…

My favorite part of any holiday is the chance to spend time with family and friends…After spending a few days with my family in Arlington for Thanksgiving, we returned to Charlottesville to host our friends, who moved to Michigan this summer. We were so happy to reunite with them on Saturday and to host an open house so that our mutual friends could get a chance to see them too. This is now officially my favorite way to entertain! We just piled food and drinks on our dining room table, and friends came and went all through the day and into the night…

img_7479-2img_2045img_2056img_2051img_2054img_2046-2img_2057Everyone was invited…even a couple of equine friends:

img_2060At the last minute, we decided to switch the sleeping arrangements. My daughter raced around her bedroom tidying it up as fast as she could so that our friends’ daughters could share her larger bed, while she took the smaller bed in the guest room. As per usual with my kids, “cleaning up” meant stuffing everything willy-nilly into a closet:


Phew! It’s always so nice when guests leave a good review!


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