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I was distressed to hear my children report that some of their fellow bus riders had been chanting “Build that wall” on their long ride to school and back for days before and after the election. I was getting ready to report this to the principal, when my kids told me the chanting had stopped. They explained that their bus driver had put a stop to it by having a talk with the kids. She told them that she would not tolerate this behavior on her bus, and explained that these words were hurtful.

I had felt paralyzed with horror and despair after the results of the election, not only because of the terrible person our country elected, but even more so because of the ugliness his election has unleashed. I am so grateful to the bus driver for snapping me out of it. The children in her charge learned something just as, if not more important than anything they may have learned in school this year. And she taught me a lesson too. I’m not paralyzed anymore. We can all act in ways to perfect our union. Like our bus driver, we can make a difference in our own spheres of influence. At first I wanted to go to sleep for four years and wake up after the nightmare was over. I’m wide awake now and I’m ready to do my part.

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