Snow Day Catch Up

IMG_7899We’ve got four or five inches of snow on the ground already, and there’s plenty more to come. Everyone got to stay home from school and work today, and we’re assuming we’ll be hunkered down here for the next few days. For the time being we have power and plenty of time on our hands. The gift of a snow day (or two or three or four)? gives me a chance to finally return to this space.

Here are a few snapshots from the past couple of weeks:

I switched offices:





I unearthed a bunch of things that had been stored away for years and hauled them to my new office to indulge myself in a decorating frenzy. I may have gotten a little carried away. Too much? Possibly.

My son had his piano recital at the Omni Hotel:




Celebrating with a late dinner at Christian’s Pizza on the Downtown Mall

I took my daughter to her biannual appointments at NIH. I couldn’t deny her special request to stop by Breeze Café before heading there:


When we checked into the amazingly wonderful Children’s Inn on the campus of NIH the evening before her appointments, they gave my daughter a new American Girl doll.


We met Zilly, the new therapy dog who spends her days at the Children’s Inn:


Back home in Charlottesville…a beautiful sunrise.

IMG_4863 (1)

View from my bedroom


Cozy and snug indoors. Couch surfing with toys. Life is good.

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