That time of the year…

Things have gotten rather crazy around here…We got our Christmas tree, but it’s been standing in our family room, undecorated and unwatered all week. The advent calendars, the lights, the snow globes, and the nutcrackers are all still tucked away in their boxes in the basement. The boys and I came up with a fun idea for this year’s holiday song video, but we haven’t had the time to record it yet.

We are in full-on-end-of-the-semester-survival-mode around here, and although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel faintly flickering in the distance, we are still just trying to slog through each day…Until we get our heads above water, I’ll be popping by now and then, mostly with old posts, starting with this one – our first holiday video from 2011. Gosh, those kids look so young!

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