Adult Attention Deficit Disorder

Here’s what happens when you have adult ADD. You say goodbye to your husband as you head out the door to go to work. He replies with a smirk, “Bye! See you in 40 seconds.”

After a moment of confusion, you realize the impertinence behind this statement. He fully expects you to come back into the house (maybe several times) to fetch something that you’ve forgotten. And why shouldn’t he? After all, it’s happened every single day for the past seventeen years you’ve been married to him.

“How rude!” you say severely, but you chuckle nonetheless. Your mirth fades as you realize it’s really cold, and you haven’t even left the garage. You ponder your equally unappealing choices.

Do you:

A) Slink back into the house to fetch the coat that you’ve forgotten, but clearly need?


B) Do you preserve your pride, get in your car, and resign yourself to freezing your @$$ off all day long?

Now that my limbs have finally thawed, I can pound out my sad little tale…

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