We are definitely indoor cats

In my last post, I shared some photos from a walk we took around the lake in our neighborhood. Within minutes of posting, I received the following email from my sister:

The funny thing is…as soon as my daughter flopped down in the grass, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking. TICKS! OMG, TICKS! She’s going to get Lyme Disease!!!

My sister and I are indoor kitties, as is my second son. As for my oldest and youngest children, they are most definitely outdoor cats.

This caused all kinds of problems when the children were younger and could only go outside if I took them there. Even before they could talk, the oldest and youngest would make their desire to go out perfectly clear. They would bring their sneakers or sandals to me, and shake them in rage and frustration in my face until I got it into my thick skull that it was time to let them out.

My second son, like my sister and me, can’t deal with the bugs and hates to be too hot or too cold. Back when the children were little and needed constant supervision, meeting everyone’s needs was a challenge…



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