When I left for work this morning, my husband was settling in for what was sure to be a long and tedious Live Chat battle with Comcast. Later that morning I received an email from him with “VICTORY” as the subject line.

The message was a transcript of the chat he had with a customer service representative:

user CXXXX has entered room

analyst HXXXX has entered room

HXXXX: Hello CXXXX. Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support…Please give me one moment to review your information.

HXXXX: Glad to have you on chat. I hope you have an amazing day.

CXXXX: …I noticed that our monthly bill was higher than usual this month. I checked and you charged us an extra $35 for a service call, due to poor internet service. Why should we have to pay extra when our service was not functioning?

HXXXX:…I understand that you are concerned on why your bill has gone up which was due to a trouble call charge added correct?

CXXXX: Yes. It strikes me as odd that I am expected to pay full price for internet service that has been substandard for months and sometimes been off entirely (resulting BTW in extra phone charges for data we had to access by 3G) and then asked to pay MORE to have it fixed. Is there not some way to get credit for the many days when, despite paying full price, the internet connection was poor to nonexistent?

HXXXX: Oh I do apologize for the hassle you had been through CXXXX. I myself would not want to feel the same way too. And i do understand where you are coming from.

HXXXX: I appreciate that you raised this concern to me. I can definitely help you today. Let us work together to have your issue resolved.

HXXXX: Let me pull up your account first to check on confirm on the charges.

HXXXX: I am now checking on your account and bills CXXXXX.

HXXXX: Thank you for patiently waiting.

HXXXX: I do see here that you were charged of a $32.10 service call tech charge. These charges are applied for our tech to fix your services and to avoid this charge I highly recommend that you avail of our Service Protection Plan for $3.99/month only. Setting proper expectations, these charges are assessed by the technicians that completed the order.

HXXXX: Since the charges is valid, here is what I can do for you. I can credit half of the $32.10 and credit $16.05 in your account. Would that be okay?

CXXXX: Obviously, it would be OK. And I appreciate it — any little bit helps. But, as a matter of principle, I don’t see why you are stopping at 50%. This seems arbitrary to me. Again, I’ve been paying full price for crummy service for quite some time (I only realized just HOW crummy after the technician had fixed it), and I don’t really see why I should have to pay anything to get it fixed. But if that’s the best you can do, I’ll take it. But it still doesn’t strike me as right, and what exactly is the justification for splitting the cost of the repair between us? If you’re prepared to offer us something, why not just go the whole way and credit the $32. I’m sure Comcast Inc. can spare $16.05 for the sake of customer relations, no?

CXXXX: Hello?

HXXXX: I understand how you feel about this right now CXXXX and I myself would make sure I get the best deal of the services I have.

HXXXX: With this, here’s what I will do

HXXXX: I will waive the $32.10 service call charge on your account now.

HXXXX: Please give me 2 minutes to process this okay?

CXXXX: Thanks, I appreciate your help. Have a good day.

HXXXX: You are most welcome.

HXXXX: One moment please while I process this.

HXXXX: Please give me 2 minutes.

HXXXX: CXXXX, I’m glad to inform you that I have successfully processed your $32.10 credit with the confirmation number: 5XXXXXXX

HXXXX: Have I perfectly resolved your concern today?

CXXXX: Cheers. Thanks again.

HXXXX: You are most welcome.

HXXXX: You don’t have to mention it. It is my pleasure to assist a valued customer like you.

At the bottom of the transcript was this photo:

It’s the little things…Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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