Sweetest 16

Sixteen years ago my sister’s first child, and the first baby in our family was born. That summer we all gathered around her as she slept, staring in silent wonder at the miraculous, perfect little human being that had been sent to us as a gift…

She was so much more than we could have ever wished for. She has continued to enchant us as she has grown.

When she was about six or so, she started to beg for a sibling: “Just one little sister, please!”

This happened:

Again….so much more than anyone could have ever wished for!

To her siblings and to her younger cousins, and to us all really – she is a rockstar:

She has won all kinds of honors and awards:

including playing at Carnegie Hall after winning a piano competition:

The accolades are impressive, of course, but we love her for the kind, sensitive, and generous human being she has become.

Although today is her birthday, we celebrated the event a few weeks ago:

The obligatory photo-fest:

…which became a Cheese-Fest:

The reception:


And a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to the sweetest 16 year old we know:

Happy birthday! We adore you and hope that all of your wishes (and more!) come true! xoxo

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