Last night in bed

Last night in bed, I felt the earth move.

If you’re having salacious thoughts, shame on you.

Here’s what happened. My husband was downstairs working away at the keynote address he’ll be giving at a conference in some far-flung country for which he’s abandoning us for a couple of weeks. (Very alluring, right)?!

I called him on his cell phone from my cell phone, because that’s how we romantics roll.

“Did you feel that?”


“Didn’t you feel the rumbling? I’m pretty sure we just had an earthquake.”

“Oh,” he replied, “I thought maybe it was just you, walking downstairs.”

Shame. on. him.

2 thoughts on “Last night in bed

  1. True LOL moment from that little snippet! Of course in our house, I’m more prone to email than call my husband, sometimes even when we’re in the same room. modern love and all…

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