Secret Confessions of a Reluctant Soccer Mom

Part 1: The Game.

On Sunday we drove a little over two hours to get my eleven year old to his soccer game. The team won, which was nice. We also discovered a really fabulous restaurant – Roma Casual Italian and Greek Dining. (It was so good that we’re trying to think of excuses to drive to Winchester again…If you’re anywhere near the vicinity of Stephens City right off I-81 you should go)! On the way back home, we stopped at a couple scenic overlooks to admire the view, stretch our legs, and to take photos, of course:

Part 2: I have some confessions to make.

Four plus hours of driving for a seventy minute game seems grossly excessive to me.

I get anxious when it starts to rain on a practice day or a game day…

And if I get an email letting me know that soccer has been canceled because of the rain, I feel like this:


Sometimes Often, I wish I were at home doing loads of laundry rather than sitting in the freezing cold/boiling hot weather watching my kids’ soccer games…And you can’t even imagine how much I hate doing laundry.

Sometimes I sit on the sidelines watching a game thinking that the other parents on the sidelines who are getting overly excited about a little kids’ soccer game are acting like jackasses.

Sometimes to my utter horror and amazement, I’m the jackass getting overly excited about the outcome of a little kids’ soccer game.

Here’s what I think whenever I see my son do a header:

There go his SAT scores!

There go his SAT scores!

Here’s how I felt yesterday when the team manager sent around an email to break the news that the tournament in Williamsburg our team had signed up for over Memorial Day weekend had been canceled…


and would we want to go to one in Richmond instead?

And here’s how I felt when the coach sent around another email today to let us know that not enough people had expressed a burning desire to spend their Memorial Day weekend watching soccer game after soccer game after soccer game:

Shhhhhh! Please don’t tell my kids.

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