Snow Days

On Monday we woke up to a winter wonderland. Work: CANCELLED! School: CANCELLED! It was a gift that literally fell from the sky!

We began Monday morning with a conference.

“What we have here is an amazing opportunity to get a lot of things accomplished. We’re certainly not going to waste it by lazing about all day in our pjs, right? Right! So! Let’s brainstorm about what global problems or crises you’ll tackle today. I’d like your action plan by noon and the solution to the problem to be implemented by the end of the business day. T2! What problem will you be addressing?”


“Excellent! T1?”

“I’ll solve the problem of world hunger and deal with the crisis in Ukraine.”

“Love the enterprising attitude! Off you go! N?”

“My project will be…the reunification of the Koreas, I guess?”

“YES! Let’s get to work! Go, GO, GO!”

Here they are, toiling away industriously:

“Going the extra mile”:

And that’s the way we get things done around here!

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