House of Steep

I got to spend a lovely morning with my friendy Wendy over the Thanksgiving break. We went to a tea house in Arlington. This is not just any old tea house. Your tea comes presented with a minuscule, but delicious cookie and its own timer that helps ensure you get the perfect brew:

But the real twist is that after sipping a cup of Earl Grey, you can soak your feet in it too. (A fresh batch, that is)!

Tucked away toward the back of the tea house and sectioned off by folding screens is a “foot sanctuary” where you can order up footbath treatments in the $20 dollar range. Suffering from an extreme case of foot shame, (I swear it’s a thing), I would never actually indulge in a footbath treatment myself. I had fun reading about them though!

The “Chin Up” is a treatment using the aforementioned bergamot tea and mint. “Serenity” uses calming lavender, chamomile, and oatmeal. The intriguingly named “Love to Ladies” is made up of geranium, ylang ylang, and clary sage. “Sadness” is basil, cornflower, frankincense, citrus.

House of Steep: 3800 Lee Highway, Arlington, Virginia

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