Fenwick Island

I went to Fenwick Island on a mission. A few years ago we went to the Outer Banks with my dear friend Rosita and her family. One day Rosita took this picture of us:

Cliché thought it may be, I loved the white/khaki look. I loved that late afternoon light. I was determined to recreate the photo at Fenwick Island. I made sure to pack white and khaki outfits for everyone. The day before we were going to leave at the end of our vacation, I announced that it was time for our photo session. I made everyone get into their designated photo togs, some of them newly-bought just for the occasion. We wasted precious daylight as Teddy searched unsuccessfully for his khaki shorts.  (The following week my sister emailed me to say that they had mistakenly gotten mixed in with her boys’ shorts). I admit it: I was insufferable. I stormed around looking for the shorts and making my son look for the shorts and even seriously considered making him wear a pair of women’s khaki shorts until my sister ripped them out of my hands and said, “NO.”  I finally, huffily conceded that navy shorts would have to do. We went out onto the beach and my daughter immediately got a piece of sand in her eye. Through tears she insisted that she couldn’t open her eyes.  And because I am a horrible, horrible human being, I heard myself saying absolutely outrageous things like, “Try not to cry for just one second! Just open your eyes and pretend not to cry on the count of three!” Truly, I had become unhinged…and I totally got what I deserved:

I did manage to get some better ones throughout the week. Here are some of my favorites:

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