The morning after we arrived at my in-laws house in England, we took the train to Scotland. Colin had been in Edinburgh all week singing with his choir at St. Mary’s Cathedral and we were going to meet up with him there.

Colin met us at the station and we walked through West Princes Street Gardens to St. Mary’s.

We walked past the Floral Clock:

Edinburgh Castle perched high on a hill top:

And this statue:

The kids and I cooled our heels at a nearby store while Colin’s group rehearsed for their final Evensong:

“Impressive!” I said when we finally walked into the cathedral.

“Really?” Colin sniffed, “It’s not as if it’s an original medieval church or anything. It might date to the Victorian age.”


The boys had just bought a Tintin Cuthbert keychain and were delighted to discover that their kneeler cushion happened to feature St. Cuthbert.

After the Evensong, we made a pit stop at Tesco to stock up. Colin was excited to find:

And then it was off to meet the rest of the family at the cottage we’d rented for the week in Aberfoyle:

View from the cottage:

Flowers in the garden:

The countryside around the cottage:

We’ll be starting our trip back to the states tomorrow and I’ll start posting again when I can. More adventures ahead…This Saturday we will be celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and then we’ll head to the beach with my whole clan – all seventeen of us!

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