They’re off!

My husband and son are flying across the ocean to England tomorrow morning. I’ll take the other two kids and we’ll all meet up in a little over a week. It’s 10 pm and we’re all preparing in our own little ways. Colin is blithely pecking away at his computer without a care in the world. Tomorrow morning he’ll toss a few clothes into a suitcase. Meanwhile, I’m wringing my hands and will be up until 3 am doing a million loads of laundry as I try to get my son packed. His siblings have been fretting all week about missing their “middlest” brother, and are camping out on his bedroom floor tonight to maximize their time together…

2 thoughts on “They’re off!

  1. I always refer to “Jason, party of one” when we travel as a family. It seems as if he pops his dopp kit into his roller bag and then sits around watching me frantically trying to get the kids, dog, and house sorted…

    Safe travels to all of you! Can’t wait to hear the updates from the UK – am green with envy, and would head over to England in a heartbeat.

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