16 years ago today…

…I married the man, who would sixteen years later abandon me and our three children on our anniversary and on Mother’s Day to go gallivanting around Poland, of all places. O.K., so maybe he’s not actually gallivanting…but STILL!

At least my daughter cares. Yesterday, we were in the grocery store and happened to be going past the candy aisle. She slowed down and said, as she expansively gestured in the general direction of the Jelly Belly dispensers, “Mommy, you can pick aaaaanything you want from the store for your anniversary and Mother’s Day present and I promise I’ll pay you back when we get back home.”

Me & T

I take comfort in the fact that with any luck, Colin will have many, many more years to make it up to me.

Wszystkiego dobrego z okazji rocznicy. Kocham Cię!


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