Once my dad told me, “I used to think you were the richest of my children…”

I was very confused. If anything, I’m probably the poorest of his four children.

He continued:  “…because you had two boys.”


“But now your sister has you beat,” he concluded matter-of-factly.

My sister has a brilliant, beautiful, charming, and accomplished daughter. She is a gifted writer, actress, singer, and pianist. Among her many other accolades and awards, last year at the tender age of 13, she won the National STEM Video Game Challenge with a game she designed to teach kids about math inequalities. She’s been doing the press junket ever since. Most recently, this past weekend she was invited to present her game to congressmen and senators as part of the inauguration celebration…

But in case you haven’t figured it out, what my dad was talking about was the fact that my sister hit the MegaMillions Korean Jackpot. Not only did she have triplets, she had triplet BOYS!!!

To put this into perspective, my parents had three girls before they finally had their much-wished for boy. They named him Theodore, which means “gift from God.” They were lucky. There was a family in my father’s Korean congregation who had eight children, because the first seven were girls.

Here’s a picture of my sister’s fabulous foursome from way back when:

And here they are with my kids this past weekend:

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