Field trip to Jamestown

The last time I visited Jamestown I went there on a field trip with my elementary school. I got to go back there again yesterday as a chaperone for my daughter’s second grade field trip.

A ceremonial dance circle marks the entrance to the recreated Powhatan village.Huts, called yehakins, are made of bent saplings, rope, and woven reed mats.

The kids were both fascinated and horrified by all of the animal pelts hanging inside the yehakins.

Ouch! Poor squirrel!

It’s a short walk down to the harbor, and to the replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.

Grumpy sailor…

Grumpier sailor:

Another short walk takes you to the English settlement:

This musketeer looks pretty scary…

But this is the one you really wouldn’t want to mess with:

The real star of Jamestown, of course, is Pocahontas: the favorite daughter of Chief Powhatan. More on her later…

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